Whatever happened to flashing the high beams?

26 03 2008

I was driving home from work tonight when, as happens 3-4 times per week, I passed a turnaround on the freeway where two Highway Patrolmen were perched watching the passing traffic.  Waiting no doubt for unwary speeders to catch.  So once I passed them, I decided to flash the ole high beams a few times at traffic on the other side of the highway.  If I could help someone avoid a ticket, I figured: great!

Then, I got to thinking about what I had just done.  It was a simple gesture that I recall learning from my father when I was a kid.  It probably goes back as far as cars and highway travel do.  However until recently, I thought very little of actually doing it for, well, as long as I could remember.   Why that is I’m not certain, but I have begun to do it again.

I can’t help but to think, however, that I really cannot recall any time, any instance at all, where another driver had done this favor for me.  Whatever happened to flashing the high beams?  It’s a courteous thing to do in this case.  I can think of, erm, several instances in recent years where I sure would have appreciated the gesture!

It must be a lost art.