12 Months Removed

27 02 2008

I was paging through my Marble Memo today and I came across a wish list that I wrote at around this time last year:

  1. Computer chair
  2. New glasses
  3. PC rudder pedals
  4. Widescreen monitor
  5. A house
  6. New watch
  7. The latest Zelda game
  8. An HDTV

Let’s see.  I’ve acquired numbers 1, 2, 4, and 6 and don’t want 3 or 7 anymore.  8 will need to wait unfortunately for various reasons.  I don’t think I’ll be ready for 5 until some things stabilize in my life.  So, I guess I did OK.  Just one addition to make: a new car.  I decided I’m tired of my ’06 G6.  It’s not really “me”.   I want something more like, say, this.  Sunroof, iPod-ready sound system, chrome trim, manual transmission, and leather seats.  Ohhh yes.  Put the “vergnügen” back in Fahrvergnügen.  Hopefully I’ll be closer to attaining that one by this time next year.




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